Beijer Alma is an international industrial group active in more than 60 markets. The Group’s operations specialize in component manufacturing (Lesjöfors and Habia Cable) and industrial trading (Beijer Tech). Learn more about some of the historical events that have taken place over the years:


Bertil Persson steps down as President and CEO, and Henrik Perbeck is appointed as his successor.

Beijer Tech acquires Svenska Brandslangsfabriken AB, with manufacturing operations in Skene outside Gothenburg.


Anders Wall announces that he has decided to step down as Chairman and Board member of Beijer Alma. The Annual General Meeting appoints Anders Wall as the company´s honorary Chairman.

Lesjöfors acquires the John While Group spring company, with manufacturing operations in Singapore, Chine and Thailand, and Spiralspecialisten with manufacutring operations in Tyresö, Stockholm.


Habia relocates its telecom cable manufacturing operations to China. The company also moves product development within the Telecom business area to its facility in China. 


Lesjöfors acquires Sandvik Materials Technology's motor spring operations. The acquisition is carried out as an asset-transfer acquisition in the newly formed company Lesjöfors Springs America Inc.


Lesjöfors acquires the spring manufacturer S&P Federnwerk, which operates in Herdorf, Germany. The company also acquires Centrum B, a Slovakian spring producer.


Lesjöfors continues its expansion in the German market with the acquisition of Stump+Schüle, which manufactures springs and flat strip components. Beijer Tech purchases the Norwegian company Norspray. The company specializes in grinding, paint and rust removal and other offshore surface-treatment services.


Lesjöfors acquires the German spring company Velleuer. Beijer Tech purchases Karlebo Gjuteriteknik.


Beijer Alma AB acquires Beijer Tech, specialized in industry trading.


Habia opens a manufacturing plant for multicore cable in China. Lesjöfors begins manufacturing gas springs in Latvia and concentrates its production in the UK to fewer plants.


Habia acquires the cabling company CS Technology AB. Lesjöfors concludes the acquisition of the spring operatins of Stece AB. Capacity expansion in China continues for both companies.


Lesjöfors AB acquires the shares in the UK spring manufacturer European Springs and Pressing Ltd. Beijer Alma celebrates twenty years on the Stock Exchange. The number of share holders at the end of the year amounts to 3,002.


Elimag is sold. Lesjöfors AB acquires the shares in the UK spring manufacturer Harris Springs Ltd.


AB Stafsjö Bruk is sold. Lesjöfors acquires Danfoss Fjäderverksamhet in Tinglev, Denmark. The company also becomes part owner of Hanil Precision, one of Korea's leading manufacturers of gas springs.


Lesjöfors starts manufacturing in Latvia.


Lesjöfors starts manufacturing in China.


Elimag Industri AB is acquired.


Bertil Persson is appointed President and CEO of the group. Habia acquires Isotec Kabel GmbH and starts manufacturing in China. Lesjöfors acquires spring manufacturer Buck Jeppesen A/S. Lesjöfors sells its Rånäs operation and the fine blanking business in GS Industri AB.


G&L Beijer Import & Export AB and E Bierregaard are sold. Lesjöfors acquires sales company B&G Suspensions BV. The surface treatment companies in Lesjöfors are sold to Bodycote.


Lesjöfors acquires GS Industri, spring manufacturer DK Fjedre A/S and surface treatment companies Gnosjö Yttek and Perny. Sundquist Components AB is sold. The group changes name to Beijer Alma AB.


The group has now been listed for ten years on the OTC list. After the fire in Lesjöfors, a new plant is opened, the most modern spring plant in Europe.


Spring factory in Lesjöfors destroyed in a fire. Lesjöfors aquires manufacturers Kilens Industri AB and Nyme, and toolmaker Scandic Tools A/S.


Group changes name to Beijer Alma Industri & Handel.


Lesjöfors acquires sales companies Rally-Elit AB, Euro Suspension Ltd and Arto Laine AB. AB Cale Industri is sold and Stafsjö Bruk, maker of valves, is acquired.


Anders Wall is appointed Chairman of the Board. The G & L Beijer Import & Export trading company is acquired. Lesjöfors begins working on a range of standard chassis springs.


Sparbanken sells its stake. Anders Wall becomes the principal shareholder in the Group.


The Group supplements its spring operations through the acquisition of Lesjöfors. The company has four plants and will become the foundation of spring operations in the future.


The company's spring operations are established through the acquisition of Stockholms Fjäderfabrik and Automatfjäder.


The Alma share is introduced on the OTC list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Alma Invest changes its name to Alma Industri & Handel.


The business concept is changed and the company's operations are no longer limited geographically. Instead, the aim is to create a group of wholly owned subsidiaries in the areas of industry and trade. The Group's first acquisition is Stickler Drivteknik. The cable manufacturer Habia Cable is acquired later.


Alma Invest is founded in Uppsala on the initiative of Upsala Sparbank and various entrepreneurs in the Uppland region. The business concept is to acquire blocks of shares in smaller companies in the region.