The strategy pyramid describes our efforts to grow profitably. It is based on long-term ownership, responsibility and efficient governance, in addition to four growth criteria combined with corporate acquisitions and organic development.
strategipyramid eng

Long-term ownership. We create successful and industrially sound corporate groups that generate high growth and profitability over time.

Corporate social responsibility. We limit our impact on the environment, assume social responsibility, and offer a secure and stimulating work environment.

Operational control. We work closely with our Group companies when it comes to setting goals and exercising control, mainly with respect to strategic development, acquisitions and investments.

High customer value. Products and services are adapted to meet specific needs or are based on unique product concepts. This creates higher value, which customers are prepared to pay for, and thereby contributes to our profitability.

International market coverage. We work with niche products with a limited total market. To create growth, the companies must therefore engage in broad international sales.

Strong market positions. We establish strong market positions by focusing on quality, a broad product range, customization and service.

Diversified customer and supplier base. The Group companies aim to have a broad customer and supplier base. This reduces their risk exposure and dependency on individual markets, industries or customers.

Organic growth. We grow organically through investments in product and market development. This results in higher quality and lower risk in the operations.

Corporate acquisitions. We conduct supplementary acquisitions and purchaseentirely new operations. This strengthens our position in selected markets and specific product areas or provides Beijer Alma with a broader foundation.

Profitable growth. At Beijer Alma, growth must be linked to sustainable profitability. We achieve this by focusing on the growth criteria in the strategy pyramid.