Sustainability work

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Our ultimate objective is to create added value for our customers, shareholders, business partners and employees. We must create this added value without compromising our aspirations concerning quality and sustainable development. Accordingly, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and a high level of business ethics are natural elements of our daily operations and of the Group’s long-term strategy.

Read and download this year’s Sustainability Report in PDF format

In short, the Sustainability Report covers:


Link to global goals. Work on the Group’s long-term objectives continued. The objectives are linked to the UN global sustainable development goals.


Ten principals for sustainable development. Beijer Alma joined the UN Global Compact in 2015. This year’s Sustainability Report includes a Communication on Progress (COP), which describes the Group’s ongoing work related to the principals for sustainable development.


Energy-efficiency enhancement. Focus on energy and climate through energy audits and investments in LED lighting and energy-efficient equipment.


Environmental management system. Work to implement ISO 14001 continued. 80 percent of the Group’s units now hold environmental certification. The update to ISO 14001:2015 began.


Increaded responsibility in the value chain. More than 330 evaluations of suppliers’ quality and sustainability work were carried out, an increase from the preceding year.


Risk management. Risk analyses have been conducted at many of the Group’s facilities, focusing on such areas as fire, climate impact and the environment.


Focus on education and social responsibility. The Beijer Alma Group shows its commitment at the local and national level by supporting such initiatives as Teach for Sweden, the City Mission and other non-profit organizations as well as through its contacts with local schools and universities.


Since 2013, the Group has taken a long-term, strategic approach to sustainability reporting. We follow up our sustainability work through annual questionnaires, feedback and formal audits. Our sustainability reporting follows international guidelines and meets the requirements of the UN Global Compact with respect to regular reporting of the Group’s measures and performance. All of the Group’s sustainability reports are available here in PDF format:

Sustainability reporting 2016

Sustainability reporting 2015

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