Sustainability work

Our ultimate objective is to create added value for our customers, shareholders, business partners and employees. We must create this added value without compromising our aspirations concerning quality and sustainable development. Accordingly, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and a high level of business ethics are natural elements of our daily operations and of the Group’s long-term strategy.

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In short, the Sustainability Report covers:

ISO 14001

Certification. The goal is for certified environmental management systems to be in place wherever relevant. 76 percent of the units are certified and four units are planning to become certified within the next year.

Environmental benefits

Environmentally friendly products. Beijer Alma’s products provide customers with environmental benefits. These products include everything from ergonomic fire hoses and cables for electric motorbikes to spring components for wind turbines and solar panels.

Teach for Sweden

Social commitment. Beijer Alma provides Teach for Sweden with monetary support. The organization applies a new approach to recruiting teachers – primarily in natural science subjects – to work at schools in socially disadvantaged areas.


Energy. Increased use of LED lighting and investments in more energy-efficient production equipment and infrastructure are positive for both the climate and the economy.


Suppliers. In 2017, 222 suppliers were assessed in terms of sustainable development.

Sustainable development
 and finances

Economic value creation. Sustainability initiatives are part of Beijer Alma’s efforts to create value and also contribute to a more sustainable society. The Sustainability Report is an integrated report that provides information about the relationship between financial and non-financial results and shows how the Group’s strategy, governance and earnings can create value for stakeholders.


Since 2013, the Group has taken a long-term, strategic approach to sustainability reporting. We follow up our sustainability work through annual questionnaires, feedback and formal audits. Our sustainability reporting follows international guidelines and meets the requirements of the UN Global Compact with respect to regular reporting of the Group’s measures and performance. All of the Group’s sustainability reports are available here in PDF format:

Sustainability reporting 2017

Sustainability reporting 2016

Sustainability reporting 2015

Sustainability reporting 2014

Sustainability reporting 2013