Beijer Tech AB

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Beijer Tech specializes in industrial trading in the Nordic region and represents several of the world’s leading manufacturers. Its operations are divided into two business areas: Fluid Technology and Industrial Products.

Beijer Tech’s offering comprises a broad range of components, consumables, input goods and machinery from leading manufacturers, as well as products and services adapted to meet specific customer needs. The President of the company is Staffan Andersson. Born in 1976, Staffan Andersson holds a Master of Engineering and Master of Business Administration and has worked at Beijer Tech since 2015.

Strengthening productivity and competitiveness

The offering can be described as customer-centric, creative and comprehensive – key terms that reflect Beijer Tech’s understanding of its customers’ industrial processes, specialist supplier and product expertise, and focus on delivery reliability and customization.

From leading manufacturers to specific customer needs

The offering comprises products from leading manufacturers, as well as products and services adapted to meet specific customer needs.

  • Components – machinery and system parts.
  • Consumables – used in production and maintenance processes.
  • Input goods – part of a finished product.
  • Machinery/equipment – for example, parts of foundries and steelworks.
  • Service.

Broad, comprehensive range

The product range is broad and covers the areas of fluid technology (for example, hoses and couplings), industrial rubber (for example, gaskets and rubber products) and surface treatment (for example, blasting and grinding). The range also includes industry-specific solutions for foundries, steelworks and the offshore sector.

New organization

A new management team and organization were introduced at Beijer Tech during the year. The number of managers in the organization was also reduced and business responsibility was further decentralized. The operations are based on a number of product and service concepts organized into two business areas: Fluid Technology and Industrial Products. Fluid Technology operates within the company Lundgrens, which has its main market in Sweden. All other concepts are included in Industrial Products: Beijers, Karlebo, Tebeco, PMU, Norspray and Preben Z. Industrial Products operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The business areas have their own, independent management teams, which are responsible for their operations. Beijer Tech offers central support on matters pertaining to strategy, earnings follow- up, IT/administration, financing, acquisitions and development projects.

Increased focus on quality and product range

Customer satisfaction and delivery precision are important hallmarks of quality. Beijer Tech’s large operations are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company’s smaller operations base their quality procedures on industry-specific certifications and other standards. During the year, investments were made in new autopickers and production equipment, which will further improve the company’s delivery performance. The range is continuously being developed to match the customers’ needs. In 2015, the company decided to strengthen its resources in this area. As a result, more employees will now focus on product range development – both in existing product areas and in new areas with long-term growth potential.