Lesjöfors AB

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Lesjöfors specializes in springs, wire and flat strip components. The company is an international, full-range supplier that offers both standard products and a broad range of customized components.

Lesjöfors is a technical service company with a comprehensive offering of springs, wire and flat strip components. The company holds a leading position in the Nordic region and is one of the largest spring companies in Europe. The President of the company is Kjell-Arne Lindbäck. Born in 1952, Kjell-Arne Lindbäck holds a degree in Business Administration and has worked at Lesjöfors since 1997.

Industry and Chassis Springs

Lesjöfors’s operations are organized into two business areas: Industry and Chassis Springs. Industry offers a broad range of products and manufactures components to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Chassis Springs specializes in vehicle springs for the aftermarket and offers a more standardized product range. Lesjöfors conducts manufacturing operations at 21 production units in ten countries. Two of these plants specialize in chassis spring manufacturing. Lesjöfors also has low-cost production operations in Latvia, Slovakia, China and Mexico, which account for 14 percent of its manufacturing volume.

Decentralized sales organization

The company is highly decentralized. Expertise and resources in manufacturing and product development are concentrated to the individual production unit. Each unit also has its own sales organization, which creates a close business connection with the customer. At the same time, sales and product development are also coordinated, allowing expertise and experiences to be shared throughout the organization.

Global investments

During 2015, the company continued to integrate its US operations. Lesjöfors Springs America holds unique expertise in the area of motor springs, which have now become part of the Group’s offering. At the same time, the company is continuing its marketing efforts in the US, where Lesjöfors is planning an expansion within both Industry and Chassis Springs. The company has increased its investments in the Slovakian low-cost manufacturer Centrum B. Demand for low-cost production is increasing among companies in the industrial spring market. The investments being made will more than double Centrum B’s capacity.

New products and greater breadth

Product development in Chassis Springs focuses on expanding the range through the development of springs for new car models. Some 500 new products are added to this range each year. Within Industry, product development starts with the technical demands imposed by the customer. The right solution is then developed, creating an end product that takes into account design, material selection, dimensioning, manufacturing technique and several other dimensions. Each plant has its own product developers who together develop more than 2,000 new items each year.

Quality and precision

The manufacturing units are assessed based on quality parameters, such as delivery service and product quality. Quality measurements, assessments and improvement measures are integrated into the daily operations. All plants have been awarded ISO 9001 quality certification. Many are also certified in accordance with industry-specific quality standards. In Chassis Springs, delivery precision is an important quality parameter. The business area has maintained an average delivery precision rate of 99 percent for several consecutive years. Despite a sharp increase in demand in 2015, the company’s delivery precision rate remained at 99 percent. This helped Lesjöfors to strengthen its market position during the year.