Operational control

The right action at the right time. Our three subsidiaries are evaluated continuously. We measure and follow up the same key figures and thus gain a clear view of their development over time. Using this approach, it is also easier to reach quick decisions and, where necessary, adapt everything from new investments to costs and staffing.

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Strategic planning. Beijer Alma leads the strategy development process in the Group, 
establishes the agenda, and contributes analyses and expertise. Objectives and guidelines are established for each subsidiary. The aim of this annual process is to assess the creation of customer value, market potential, competitive situation and long-term development opportunities in the subsidiaries’ various business areas. Using this strategy process, three to five-year action plans are established for all of the operations.

Traditional budgets have been replaced with forecasts that are updated each quarter. This allows the subsidiaries to be evaluated in comparison with historical performance and strategic plans. The quarterly forecasts provide the best possible assessment of the business situation and outcome for the year at any given time.

Management and follow-up. The subsidiaries are evaluated on a monthly basis. Key figures are followed up and assessments are performed in various areas, including market development, competitors and acquisition projects. By measuring the same parameters, a long time series is established that provides an accurate view of the long-term trend. Should any major negative deviations be discovered, action plans are then established and implemented within the subsidiaries. These are then assessed and adjusted during subsequent evaluations. This makes it easier to address any deviations at an early stage. Order bookings and invoicing are followed up weekly at all units. This enables us to quickly identify any changes in demand, which may result in adaptations to costs and staffing.