High customer value

High customer value is a key concept in our strategy. The term refers to products and services that generate added value or offer greater substance for our customers – something for which they are also prepared to pay.

By offering high value, we can charge more for the products and services we deliver, thereby helping to boost profitability in the Group.

Customized components – meeting unique requirements

Offering greater substance may involve developing a unique component that meets a particular customer requirement, with added value created as a result of the product’s ingenious design solution, high technical performance or extended service life. Every year, Lesjöfors and Habia produce a large number of custom-manufactured springs, cables and other components that offer such added customer value.

Product concept – unique manufacturing and inventory management

Customer value is also created through proprietary customer concepts. Examples of this include Lesjöfors’s chassis springs and standard range of industrial springs, as well as Habia’s telecom cables. These concepts are based on proprietary manufacturing of standardized products developed to meet broader customer needs or specific industry requirements. Customer value is generated based on our ability to offer high quality, a broad product range, efficient inventory management and delivery precision.

Distribution concept – focus on product expertise and delivery performance

High customer value can also be created by packaging and distributing products from external suppliers. One such example is Beijer Tech’s Group company Lundgrens, which has developed distribution concepts in the areas of fluid technology and industrial rubber. In this case, customer value is generated thanks to the product expertise, broad product range and delivery performance offered by Lundgrens.


Customized products account for about 65 percent of Lesjöfors and Habia’s manufacturing volume. These are unique products that are sold to only one customer and must often meet rigorous technical requirements.


The product range in Beijer Tech's Fluid Technology business area encompasses some 25,000 items. Superior product expertise and the ability to package and distribute products efficiently create value for customers.

24 hours

Lesjöfors both stocks and manufactures chassis springs. The company controls every stage – from design and manufacturing to inventory management, logistics and service – and offers the market’s broadest range of quality-assured vehicle springs, with delivery within 24 hours.