Sustainability work

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Sustainability creates business opportunities. For Beijer Alma, the connection between successful business operations and corporate social responsibility is obvious. In addition to contributing to a better world, our sustainability work creates new business opportunities, cuts costs, reduces risks and allows us to meet the demands and expectations of stakeholders within and outside the Group. Our work focuses on five target areas:

  • More efficient use of resources
  • Waste and systematic environmental work
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Safe and stimulating work environment
  • Upstanding member of society

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ISO 14001

Certification. The goal is for certified environmental management systems to be in place wherever relevant. At the end of 2018, 24 units were certified. One of the new units certified during the year was Lesjöfors America.


Environmentally friendly products. Our products provide environmental benefits for customers, including our ergonomic fire hoses, recyclable blasting products, components for Stirling engines, wind turbines, solar panels and cleaning machines that improve the work environment in foundries.

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Teach for Sweden

Social commitment. Beijer Alma continued to provide Teach for Sweden with financial support in 2018. The organization applies a new approach to recruiting teachers – primarily in natural science subjects – to work at schools in socially disadvantaged areas. CEO Henrik Perbeck also took part in Teach for Sweden’s mentor program during the year.

Green electricity

Energy. The purchase of green electricity from renewable energy sources helps to reduce the Group’s emissions. During 2018, green electricity accounted for about 9 MWh of the Group’s indirect energy use. Five years ago, the corresponding figure was about 5.5 MWh.


Suppliers. We regularly assess the sustainability work of our suppliers. In 2018, 171 surveys and 85 audits were performed.

Economic value 2018

Economic value for stakeholders. Beijer Alma’s operations create economic value that is allocated to its suppliers, employees, shareholders, lenders and society. We are a responsible company that pays taxes and fees in accordance with the legislation prevailing in the countries where the Group operates.

Suppliers 1,912 1,702 1,475 Compensation for materials and services
Employees 1,099 1,071 952 Salaries and benefits
Lenders 16 12 9 Interest expenses
Society 140 129 113 Reported effective tax for the Group


Since 2013, the Group has taken a long-term, strategic approach to sustainability reporting. We follow up our sustainability work through annual questionnaires, feedback and formal audits. Our sustainability reporting follows international guidelines and meets the requirements of the UN Global Compact with respect to regular reporting of the Group’s measures and performance. All of the Group’s sustainability reports are available here in PDF format:

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