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Environmental responsibility, social responsibility and sound business ethics are natural elements of our long-term strategy and help us to achieve our most important objective – profitable growth. Accordingly, sustainability work is integrated with the Group’s operations.

Our sustainability work is based on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, an initiative to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR). We devote particular focus to the following areas:

  • Applying sound business principles and high ethical standards. Preventing corruption is an important part of this work.
  • Creating a safe, positive and stimulating work environment.
  • Using natural resources as efficiently as possible and minimizing environmental impact. Energy and climate issues create challenges for Beijer Alma and for society as a whole.
  • Approaching our operations from a life cycle perspective – raw materials, suppliers, products, services and customers. Customers and other stakeholders are showing a growing interest in environmental and social responsibility. Linking environmental benefits to business advantages contributes to the development of the Group.
  • Involvement in the communities in which Beijer Alma operates. We work at both the Group level on large-scale projects and the local level by supporting schools, associations and healthcare.

Code of Conduct – guiding principles

Our Code of Conduct serves as a guide for our employees and partners. By applying the Code:

  • We comply with legislation, the UN Global Compact, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international agreements and guidelines.
  • We take the financial expectations of our stakeholders into consideration and create customer and shareholder value.
  • We ensure that CSR is integrated into the Group and practiced in relation to employees, customers, suppliers, owners and other stakeholders.
  • We contribute to sustainable development, including health and social welfare.

The Code places demands on honesty among our employees. We demand the same from our business partners. Bribes are prohibited. Gifts and other benefits may not exceed the amounts prescribed by local practices and legislation. We comply with competition legislation and apply sound marketing principles.

Long-term objectives

Beijer Alma’s strategies are made more tangible through long-term objectives established at Group level. At the local level, the companies work toward detailed objectives and action plans, mainly within the framework of ISO 14001. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are also used as a compass in the Group’s work.

Governance, follow-up and communication

The focus of the sustainability work is stated in the Code of Conduct. Issues pertaining to the long-term strategy, overall objectives, contacts with the media and investors, and financial reporting are handled at Group level.

As of 2018, all internal sustainability reporting is managed through the digital platform Worldfavor. This facilitates data collection, analysis, follow-up and continuous improvement measures. The Group’s Board of Directors receives status updates on the sustainability work. Environmental (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001) management systems are important tools. Operational responsibility is delegated to the respective president of each company. Following up on local objectives and plans is a managerial responsibility. The work is followed up in consultation with the companies’ management teams and through audits. In conjunction with the preparation of the sustainability report, an in-depth analysis is conducted of the companies’ compliance with legislation, fulfillment of the Group-wide objectives and development in terms of performance measures.