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22/03/2018 | Press release | Stock Market Release

Press release from the Annual General Meeting of Beijer Alma AB (publ) on March 22, 2018


“Creating the right conditions for the Group companies and their products is now one of my main tasks. It is equally important to continue work with Beijer Alma’s internationalization and to strengthen the excellent platform we have built. And we need to do so by driving growth through carefully selected acquisitions and stronger organic development.” 


The following resolutions were passed at the Annual General Meeting: 

  • The balance sheets and income statements for 2017 for the Parent Company and Group were adopted.

  • In accordance with the Board’s motion, a dividend of SEK 9.50 was approved for 2017. The record date for dividends was set at March 26, 2018. The dividend is expected to be distributed beginning March 29, 2018. 
  • The members of the Board and the President were discharged from liability for the 2017 financial year.
  • A fixed director’s fee of SEK 325,000 is to be paid to each of the regular members of the Board of Directors. A fixed director’s fee of SEK 950,000 was approved for the Chairman of the Board. For the Audit Committee, a fixed fee of SEK 75,000 is approved for each member, except the Chairman of the Committee. A fixed fee of SEK 125,000 is approved for the Chairman of the Committee. This means that the fees remained unchanged compared with the preceding year. Auditors’ fees will be paid according to approved invoices.
  • The following directors were re-elected as regular Board members: Johnny Alvarsson, Carina Andersson, Anders G. Carlberg, Caroline af Ugglas, Anders Ullberg and Johan Wall. Cecilia Wikström was elected as a new director. Johan Wall was elected as Chairman of the Board. Peter Nilsson has declined re-election.
  • Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers was re-elected as the company’s auditor with a period in office of one year.
  • Ahead of the 2019 Annual General Meeting, it was resolved that the company apply similar procedures to those applied in the preceding year and that the Annual General Meeting appoint the members of the Nomination Committee. This decision entails that the Nomination Committee is to comprise Chairman of the Board Johan Wall, Anders G. Carlberg as representative of the principal owner, and three representatives of the next largest shareholders who have indicated their willingness to participate in the Nomination Committee, namely Hans Ek (SEB Fonder), Vegard Søraunet (Odin Fonder) and Henrik Didner (Didner & Gerge). Johan Wall was appointed as Chairman of the Nomination Committee. 
  • The Annual General Meeting resolved that a share split be carried out, meaning that each share is to be split into two shares of the same class. A share split will change the quotient value of the share. The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board to set a record date for the share split, which is expected to occur in May 2018. Following the split, the number of Class A shares will amount to 6,610,000 and the number of Class B shares to 53,652,200. Both share classes will have a quotient value of SEK 2.08.

  • Given the decision to carry out a share split, the Articles of Association were amended so that the limits for the minimum and maximum number of shares will be raised to a minimum of 28,800,000 shares and a maximum of 115,200,000 shares. The other changes to the Articles of association proposed by the Board, which primarily related to wording, were also approved.
  • The Board of Directors was authorized to make decisions regarding issues for corporate acquisitions, on one or more occasions, disapplying the shareholders’ preferential rights, of new Class B shares or convertible debentures carrying the right to new Class B shares, but such issues may not cause the company’s registered share capital on the date of the Annual General Meeting to increase more than a total of 10 percent. 
  • The Annual General Meeting approved the Board’s proposal concerning guidelines for salaries and other remuneration of the CEO and other members of senior management. The guidelines are essentially in line with those adopted by the 2017 Annual General Meeting. 

The interim report for the first quarter will be published on April 26, 2018. 

Board of Directors


For more information, please contact:
Henrik Perbeck, President and CEO of Beijer Alma AB, Tel: +46 8 506 427 50

Beijer Alma AB (publ) is an international industrial group focused on component production and industrial trading. The Group includes Lesjöfors, which is one of Europe’s largest spring manufacturers, Habia Cable, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of custom-designed cables, and Beijer Tech, which holds strong positions in industrial trading in the Nordic region. Beijer Alma is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap list.

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The next interim report for January–March will be published on March 26. For more information about the company’s activities, visit our calendar