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15/02/2022 | Press release | Stock Market Release

Beijer Alma initiates strategic review of subsidiary Habia Cable

The Board of Directors of Beijer Alma has decided to carry out a strategic review of the Group’s holding in Habia Cable. The review is intended to ensure long-term value creation for Beijer Alma’s shareholders and to ensure that Habia Cable has the right conditions for growth, considering the company’s leading position in its niche.

Under Beijer Alma’s strategy for active ownership, the goal is to create profitable growth organically and through acquisitions. In recent years, this strategy has most clearly been manifested through the Group’s largest subsidiaries Lesjöfors and Beijer Tech. Beijer Alma continuously evaluates how the subsidiaries contribute to long-term value creation in accordance with the Group’s strategy. In light of this, the Board has decided to initiate a strategic review to ensure that Habia Cable has the right conditions for growth, either as part of Beijer Alma or under another owner.

Habia Cable manufactures customized cables and cable harnesses, often with unique properties. Many of its products are used in high-tech applications in harsh environments, for example high temperatures or radiation. Therefore, many of the cables are made from durable, high-performance materials. Habia Cable is currently one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of custom-designed cables and accounts for 15 percent of Beijer Alma’s revenues.

The results of the strategic review are expected during the first half of 2022.

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