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11/03/2020 | Press release | Stock Market Release

Changes to Beijer Alma’s 2020 Annual General Meeting

To reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, certain temporary changes have been made to Beijer Alma’s Annual General Meeting to be held at 6:00 p.m. on March 25, 2020 in the Main Hall (Stora salen) of the Uppsala Concert and Conference Hall (Uppsala Konsert & Kongress).

Out of consideration for the health of our shareholders, a number of precautionary measures have been taken. Among other changes, refreshments will not be served before or after the meeting. The exhibits that usually precede the meeting – during which the Group’s subsidiaries and partners present their operations – have also been cancelled.

External guests will not be invited to attend the meeting, and the program will be shortened and only include the formal portion of the Annual General Meeting in an effort to keep the meeting brief and efficient, thereby minimizing the risk of the virus spreading.

As in earlier years, President and CEO Henrik Perbeck’s speech will be recorded and will be available on the Group’s website from March 26, along with the material from his presentation.

We recommend that shareholders who are concerned about the virus spreading – or who may have been exposed to the virus instead participate in the Annual General Meeting by proxy. Information regarding this and other practical matters is available on the website:

Beijer Alma is carefully monitoring the spread of the virus and the instructions of the authorities, and will publish updated information on its website as required.

For further information, please contact: 

Henrik Perbeck, President and CEO of Beijer Alma AB, Tel: +46 8 506 427 50
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