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16/02/2022 | Press release | Report | Stock Market Release

Interim report Q4 2021

Favorable demand and additional acquisitions conclude a record-breaking year
  • Net revenues increased to MSEK 1,435 (1,079)
  • Operating profit increased to MSEK 189 (188), corresponding to an operating margin of 13.2 percent (17.4)
  • Profit after net financial items increased to MSEK 183 (181) and earnings per share amounted to SEK 2.11 (2.22)
  • Order bookings rose to MSEK 1,563 (1,133)
  • Cash flow from operating activities totaled MSEK 203 (224).
  • Net debt increased to MSEK 1,324 (573)
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 3.50 (3.00) per share

The favorable demand that characterized 2021 continued during the final quarter. Our diversified customer and supplier base has faced challenges related to raw materials, deliveries and price fluctuations. This has been a daily struggle that our subsidiaries have managed well, even if the operating margin was affected. We experienced robust growth in order bookings and sales, both organically and through the acquisitions we carried out during the year. Looking to the future, we anticipate some uncertainty, primarily related to ongoing inflation pressure as well as other external factors. However, the beginning of the new year indicates continued good demand, and additional price increases have been implemented since year-end.

Lesjöfors’s performance in the fourth quarter was characterized by continued healthy organic growth. The Chassis Springs business area contributed to this, even though the fourth quarter is usually its low season. Within Industrial Springs, the Nordic region had the strongest growth, while Central Europe and the US experienced indirect effects from customers with production limitations. The integration of Alcomex has progressed well. The US company Plymouth Spring was acquired in December, creating a base for organic growth as well as future acquisitions in the region.

Habia Cable noted strong demand in the Industry and Telecom customer segments, with increased order bookings and sales. The defense market also experienced a higher level of new project activity.

For Beijer Tech, growth was driven organically through strong demand and through contributions from the companies acquired over the past year. The supply chain has been strained, but in the end the effects were marginal and the operating margin remained healthy during the fourth quarter.

Acquisitions and strategy
Beijer Alma is continuing to focus on pursuing profitable organic and acquisition-driven growth. In addition to Lesjöfors’s acquisition of Plymouth Spring, two acquisitions were carried out by Beijer Tech in early 2022. Swedish Microwave is a high-tech developer of equipment for satellite communication, and Mountpac is a manufacturer and supplier of customized components in different materials. We are pleased to welcome these two well-run and profitable companies to the Group.

We have decided to carry out a strategic review of the Group’s holding in Habia Cable. The review is intended to ensure long-term value creation for Beijer Alma’s shareholders and to ensure that Habia Cable has the right conditions for growth, considering the company’s leading position in its niche.

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