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Press release 2019-05-13

Lesjöfors acquires Tribelt and De Spiraal in the Netherlands

Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Lesjöfors AB has today acquired the shares in Spibelt Beheer B.V., which includes its two subsidiaries Tribelt and De Spiraal.

News 2019-05-06

High level of activity at the start of the year, but varying demand among customer segments.

Demand has generally remained strong for Beijer Alma’s operations, particularly in Europe and the US. In Germany and China, however, a weaker automotive industry impacted the overall picture and cost adjustments have been made. Order bookings declined 10 percent during the quarter compared with the year-earlier period, when Habia signed a major offshore order worth MSEK 100. Net revenues rose 3 percent, with earnings remaining essentially unchanged. Order bookings from industrial customers in the Nordic region, which impact all of our subsidiaries, remained strong. Cash flow declined slightly as a result of acquisitions.

Press release 2019-05-03

Beijer Tech acquires Norwegian company Codan AS

Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Beijer Tech entered into an agreement today, through Lundgrens Sverige AB, to acquire the shares of Codan AS in Norway from the Norwegian company Albert E. Olsen AS.

Press release 2019-03-05

Beijer Tech acquires Encitech

Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Beijer Tech entered into an agreement today to acquire the shares in Encitech Connectors AB in Halmstad.

Press release 2019-02-18

Nomination Committee motions ahead of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Beijer Alma

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting on March 28, 2019, Beijer Alma’s Nomination Committee proposes the following:

Press release 2019-02-18

Annual General Meeting of Beijer Alma AB (publ)

The shareholders of Beijer Alma AB (publ) (556229-7480) are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the Main Hall (Stora Salen) of the Uppsala Concert and Conference Hall (Uppsala Konsert & Kongress), Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala, Sweden.

News 2019-02-13

Positive end to the Group’s best year to date

Group In general, Beijer Alma’s operations in the Nordic region, Europe, USA and Asia continued to experience strong demand with the exception of Germany and China, where a slowdown was noted. 

Press release 2019-01-04

New number of votes in Beijer Alma AB

The number of votes in Beijer Alma AB has changed as a result of the conversion of a total of 5,000 Class A shares to 5,000 Class B shares. The conversion was conducted with the support of the option for Class A shareholders to request conversion of Class A shares to Class B shares that was entered into the Articles of Association at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

Press release 2018-12-10

Beijer Tech acquires Finnish company Uudenmaan Murskaus

Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Beijer Tech has today entered into an agreement to acquire the assets and liabilities in the Finnish company Uudenmaan Murskaus. 

News 2018-10-25

Another strong quarter

The quarter was strong and characterized by a high level of activity and demand. This resulted in a 15-percent increase in order bookings and invoicing compared with the year-earlier period, of which 10 percent was organic. 

Press release 2018-08-24

Best quarter to date

This was yet another record-breaking quarter for Beijer Alma. Order bookings increased 19 percent, invoicing 14 percent and operating profit a full 24 percent. The improvements derived from all subsidiaries. 

Press release 2018-05-18

Beijer Alma AB sets record date for share split at May 30, 2018

Beijer Alma AB’s Annual General Meeting on March 22, 2018 resolved to increase the number of shares in the company by splitting each share, regardless of class, into two shares of the corresponding class (2:1 share split). The Board of Directors was authorized to set the record date for the share split.

News 2018-04-26

Continued strong demand

I am delighted to begin my first report by announcing that the first quarter of 2018 was the strongest quarter to date in Beijer Alma’s history. The Group’s order bookings, invoicing and earnings all improved. Order bookings increased 20 percent, invoicing 7 percent and earnings 13 percent.