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Beijer Tech specializes in industrial trading and manufacturing. The company sells consumables, components and machinery to Nordic industrial companies. Its operations are divided into two business areas: Fluid Technology and Industrial Products.
  • Beijer Tech represents world-leading manufacturers and has a local presence in 15 locations in the Nordic region.
  • Sweden is the largest market and accounts for about 70 percent of sales.
  • Its customers are companies active in manufacturing and maintenance or retailers.

“Clear turnaround – major earnings improvement throughout the company”
bertil persson vdkom satsyta 2015
How would you summarize the developments over the year?

One heartening change was our major earnings improvement. This marked a turnaround and was visible in all parts of the Group. In Fluid Technology, 
Lundgrens is continuing to capture market shares. In Industrial Products, our cost program generated a positive effect. Norwegian Norspray is also turning a profit again as a result of its cost adaptations and because offshore has started to recover.

You previously highlighted the restructuring of the company. How has this work progressed?

This applies to Industrial Products, where parts of the business have been reorganized. The number of employees has been reduced. We have reviewed the cost of sales, are working more cost-effectively and have closer cooperation between the business segments. We are also investing in new areas. For example, additive manufacturing – or 3D printing – has become a favorable business. Norspray has launched a new concept for supplying goods, which is developing well.

Sales and earnings have improved. What is behind this?

At Lundgrens, the investment in more cutting-edge sales expertise is generating results. 2017 marked the third consecutive year in which the company captured market shares. This was the result of aggressive work, including investments in personnel, new technology and the rest of the business. The acquisition of Svebab AB also played a role. Sales have stabilized in Industrial Products. In this case, the improvement in earnings is attributable to efficiency measures.

The company completed two acquisitions. How have these transactions strengthened the company?

Svebab has provided us with leading expertise in the area of fire hoses. They know the market, have unique, proprietary products that maintain a high level of quality and carry out customized production. Through Packningar & Plast AB, which was consolidated as of spring 2018, we have broadened our operations in customized gaskets and seals and gained greater expertise in manufacturing and refinement.

How are things progressing in terms of the company’s focus on manufacturing and refinement?

The acquisitions of Svebab and Packningar & Plast were in line with this 
strategy. Our other businesses are also displaying strong growth in manu-
facturing and refinement. In Lundgrens, for example, customized gaskets and seals represented a rapidly expanding area in 2017.

What will the focus be for 2018?

Continuing our organic development, including the area of additive manufacturing. Another example is Norspray, where we are scaling up the supply concept. In Lundgrens, we will continue to focus on gaining expertise, which will strengthen us further. Naturally, we also want to carry out acquisitions – in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region and in both Fluid Technology and Industrial Products.