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Beijer Tech specializes in industrial trading and manufacturing. The company sells consumables, components, machinery, service and technical solutions, which are often adapted to specific customer requirements. Its operations are divided into two business areas: Fluid Technology and Industrial Products. The main market is the Nordic region.

Beijer Tech focuses on refined products, such as 3D printing. The development of design, production and measuring tools has paved the way for a technology shift, in which increasing numbers of components are designed from the beginning to be manufactured using 3D technology. Customers include foundries and other industrial companies that manufacture prototypes or products with complicated shapes in small series. The work can be described in a few basic steps.

Customer requirement/design – the customer chooses to develop advanced, high-performance components using computerized design tools. The ultimate goal may be to save on weight or to design customized components that are more energy-efficient, such as engines with higher efficiency that save fuel and reduce emissions. Many components have a complicated shape and are therefore difficult to manufacture in a traditional fashion.

Manufacturing – the component can be printed directly in plastic or metal, but can also be cast in molds that are printed in 3D. Casting in molds is a cost-effective way to manufacture large components, such as for the automotive industry. Printing directly in metal is more expensive and most appropriate for small, complicated components. Simulation programs that minimize uncertainty and shorten lead times are used to optimize the work.

Quality control/verification – after manufacturing, the new technology also generates new control possibilities. Components designed using 3D tools are inspected using 3D scanning, during which a direct comparison is made between the “drawing” used as the starting point and the result after manufacturing.

Five questions to Staffan Andersson, President of Beijer Tech, about the past year.

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How would you summarize 2018?

The year went very well and we achieved record earnings. This is highly satisfying and was driven by underlying improvements in our existing operations as well as the successful acquisitions of Svebab and Packningar & Plast AB. In terms of contributions to profitability, we also achieved a historically even balance between our two business areas.

Tell us about your focus on increased manufacturing and refinement.

Overall, work is proceeding according to plan and, as a result, the share of manufactured and refined products is increasing significantly. This is occurring organically as we grow and invest in the manufacturing of components for Fluid Technology and in the refractory segment, but also through acquisitions of exclusively manufacturing companies. We’re also noticing that customers appreciate that we offer both standard products and customized components. So it feels like the focus on manufacturing and refinement is right for us.

And you’re preparing the way for further acquisitions?

Yes. We’re looking at attractive companies within Fluid Technology and Industrial Products. A lot of things have to fall into place, but because our most recent acquisitions have gone so well, we feel confident in continuing these investments. One requirement of new companies is that they must offer high customer value. This may involve the manufacturing of high-quality products or industrial trading companies with a high level of expertise, meaning companies whose competence or products create value for customers, for example, in the form of productivity improvements, savings or healthier work environments.

Industrial Products has undergone changes – what is your focus now?

We have areas in which we have made cutbacks or reorganized to reduce costs and adapt the operations. At the same time, we are investing in new areas, including a new agency for die casting, where we are also working in new ways with spare parts and service. We must continuously evaluate the segments to determine where we should invest or cut back.

What will the focus be for 2019?

In Fluid Technology, we are focusing on the new production facility that will be brought online in spring 2019 and will provide growth opportunities. Another focus area is our work on the digital labeling of hoses, making it easier for customers to find the right product and place orders. In Industrial Products, we continue to focus on additive manufacturing (3D printing). We are investing in a new printer with the latest technology and moving into dedicated premises.