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OPERATING area Fluid Technology

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Strong sales trend in Lundgrens, which continued to capture market shares in 2017. Fluid Technology is also increasing its focus on proprietary manufacturing and customized products by developing its existing operations in this direction and through the acquisitions of Svenska Brandslangsfabriken (Svebab) and Packningar & Plast.

Performance in 2017 – increased sales
  • Increased sales in Lundgrens, which captured market shares for the third consecutive year.
  • Lundgrens reported strong sales of specially manufactured and customized products.
  • Continued focus on developing sales, with digital channels growing in importance.
  • Acquisition of Svebab, which develops and manufactures high-quality fire hoses.
  • Acquisition of Packningar & Plast, which manufactures customized gaskets and plastic components. Takeover occurred in spring 2018.
  • Sales totaled MSEK 359 (300).
Customers and market – focus on hoses and industrial rubber

The business area’s largest product areas are hoses and industrial rubber. Its principal market is Sweden, where its products are used in the manufacturing industry and in operation and maintenance in numerous sectors. Fluid Technology holds strong positions in several areas and is a market leader in industrial hoses in Sweden. Svebab is the market leader in Sweden for high-quality fire hoses.

Competitive advantages – improving the customer’s overall finances

Fluid Technology’s broad range and technical expertise are strong competitive advantages that help customers to become more competitive. The focus is on improving the customer’s overall finances. This means that products and services generate improvements that impact large parts of the customer’s business, such as increasing cost-efficiency, raising quality, and bringing health and safety improvements.

Offering something specific that customers value is becoming increasingly important. This is why proprietary manufacturing and customized products are a focus area. The proportion of such products has increased, both through existing businesses refining more products and through acquisitions.

Offering – comprehensive range

The business area’s largest operation is Lundgrens, which has warehouses, manufacturing and sales operations throughout Sweden. The range comprises 25,000 items in two areas: fluid technology products (hoses, hose fittings and hydraulics) and industrial rubber (rubber sheeting and seals). In addition to fire hoses, Svebab offers industrial hoses and firefighting equipment.

OPERATING area Industrial Products

beijer tech industriprodukter

Clear earnings improvement, with cost adaptations and organizational changes breaking the trend and all segments now profitable. As unprofitable areas are phased out, investments are also being made in new segments. This will ultimately lead to the right mix of products and services.

Performance in 2017 – clear earnings improvement
  • Clear earnings improvement, with the efficiency measures made in 2016 generating results and profitability restored in all product segments.
  • Improved demand in offshore in Norway after a few weak years.
  • Higher profitability in blasting, foundries and grinding and strong growth in the newer segment of additive manufacturing (3D printing).
  • Launch of new product segments in existing geographic markets.
  • Sales totaled MSEK 453 (469).
Customers and market – complete offering

Industrial Products has a complete offering of products in such areas as surface treatment, foundries, steelworks and smelters for companies in Sweden, Norway, 
Denmark and Finland. Sweden is the largest market and accounts for about 60 percent of sales.

The primary customer segments are foundries, companies specializing in metalworking, steelworks and smelters, the engineering and construction industry, and maintenance companies. Industrial Products is the Nordic market leader in blasting and foundry products and holds a strong position in precision grinding.

Competitive advantages – the right choice for the customer

The business area’s broad range and sales expertise are strong competitive advantages. Customers receive help in selecting the right products, for example, to improve efficiency or enhance the quality of a product. The companies cooperates with leading suppliers. This means that customers always have access to the latest products.

Offering – broad range of quality products

The offering is based on high-quality products and helping the customer to reduce their overall costs. The focus is on how a product can contribute to more comprehensive improvements in a business, such as raising the level of quality, productivity and competitiveness.

The operations are divided into various business segments – grinding, blasting, foundry machinery, foundry consumables, die casting, heat treatment, steelworks, heat-resistant material, projects and service, and offshore. Marketing in these segments is conducted under the Beijers, Tebeco, Karlebo, Norspray, Preben Z and PMU brands.