2018 in brief


Operating profit totaled MSEK 80 (57).


The operating margin was 8.2 percent (6.6).


Sales amounted to MSEK 979 (870).


Order bookings declined 15 percent.

Offshore – 1,000,000 meters

Other industry –  During the year, the first major customer orders in offshore were delivered. More than a million meters of cable were delivered in 2019.

Invoicing (MSEK)[BARGRAPH{graphname:Invoicing}{title:15,value:765}{title:16,value:787}{title:17,value:809}{title:18,value:870}{title:19,value:979}]
Operating profit (MSEK)[BARGRAPH{graphname:Operating profit}{title:15,value:99}{title:16,value:97}{title:17,value:42}{title:18,value:57}{title:19,value:80}]

News  at a glance

Breakthrough in offshore

2018 marked the commercial breakthrough of Habia’s new HTMV technology. The first product is a cable for heating pipelines that transport oil on the seabed. Heating is important because the oil becomes more liquid, which prevents blockages. The cable’s insulation is made of fluoroplastic materials. This is Habia’s area of expertise and enables the cable to withstand higher temperatures and retain a high electrical performance over a long lifetime. With HTMV technology, the customer receives a system that is less expensive to install, consumes less electricity and results in reduced heat loss compared with earlier cable solutions. In 2018, Habia signed delivery contracts with several subcontractors to the offshore industry.

More efficient flows in Germany

At the German plant in Norderstedt, the manufacturing process and inventory management have been improved. The storage facility for raw materials and finished products was remodeled. At the same time, a review was conducted of the material flow in the manufacturing process, which resulted in a new solution with more efficient flows than in the past.

Expansion in Söderfors

Habia’s focus on offshore is paving the way for investments in its Söderfors plant. During 2018, a new logistical area was built. The area comprises 750 square meters and is used for the storage of raw materials, finished cables and packaging for shipping. The area is intended for HTMV cables, which are developed to withstand high temperatures as well as somewhat higher voltages. Habia has also invested in another manufacturing line for HTMV cables. It will be commissioned in spring 2019 and will double the company’s manufacturing capacity in offshore.

Award for Habia in Poland

Habia’s Polish operations received the Gazele Biznesu Award, an award presented to dynamic and development-focused small and medium-sized companies. To qualify for the award, companies must be well managed, well known and have a high level of ethics. They must also demonstrate a strong financial trend over the preceding three years. The award is presented by the business daily Puls Biznesu. Habia’s Polish operations were established in 2008 and manufacture cable harnesses and cable systems.

Green energy solution

Habia’s specialists in Poland have developed cable harnesses for a green energy solution. The technology is used for offshore electricity production, where turbines anchored on the seabed rotate and generate energy using tidal water. Turbines can measure between five and 20 meters in diameter and the seabed environment where they are located is demanding. Habia’s design ensures that the cable harness can withstand the pressures of underwater currents, while at the same time being easy to attach and detach.

Inaugural delivery of Seaguard

During the year, the first delivery of Seaguard LWB VG was made to a customer in the defense industry. This customdesigned cable is used in submarines and other underwater technology. The cable can withstand high pressure and is longitudinally water blocked, meaning that it is protected against water leaks along its entire length.