2018 in brief


Operating profit totaled MSEK 531 (477).


The operating margin was 20.2 percent (20.3).


Order bookings rose 9 procent.


Sales amounted to MSEK 2,625 (2,351).


Industry – large share of new business in Asia.


Chassis springs – investments in the UK increased manufacturing capacity by 50 percent.

Invoicing (MSEK)[BARGRAPH{graphname:Invoicing}{title:14,value:1726}{title:15,value:1996}{title:16,value:2009}{title:17,value:2351}{title:18,value:2625}]
Operating profit (MSEK)[BARGRAPH{graphname:Operating profit}{title:14,value:320}{title:15,value:388}{title:16,value:380}{title:17,value:477}{title:18,value:531}]

News in 2018 at a glance

Springs in innovative medical technology

The company Sanandco has developed the MonitorMe system for registering and analyzing patient data. The product contains advanced springs from the Lesjöfors company European Springs & Pressings. MonitorMe is a phone device with sensors that measures and sends information concerning temperature, pulse and blood pressure over the Internet to a digital patient journal. In this way, a person’s health status can be monitored at home instead of taking up time and space in the healthcare system.

One of the best suppliers in Slovakia

For the third time, the global company Kiekert named Lesjöfors Slovakia as one of its best suppliers. Each year, Kiekert evaluates its suppliers in 11 categories, including quality, number of complaints and price level. Out of a maximum ranking of 100 percent, Lesjöfors received 97.56 percent. Lesjöfors supplies torsion springs to Kiekert, which is a leading producer of latch closing systems for the automotive industry.

Supplier of the year – again

Lesjöfors Automotive has been named Supplier of the Year – for the second consecutive year – by customer company KG Knutsson AB. The factors measured include service level, delivery precision and deviation costs, while KG Knutsson also focuses on communication. The maximum possible result is 30 points. Lesjöfors achieved 28 points this time, the highest result in the history of the award. Despite increased sales, Lesjöfors Automotive achieved a service level rating of 97 percent.

Specially manufactured sealing caps

The UK company European Springs & Pressings has designed a special cap for the drinks producer Tinkture. The company has developed an attractive bottle and wanted a cap that could match the bottle design. The end result was a specially designed sealing cap for which the Lesjöfors company drew on its knowhow and creativity in engineering and manufacturing.

Increased automation in gas spring manufacturing

In Latvia, automation has increased in the manufacturing of gas springs. The goal to reduce manual steps in manufacturing permeates the entire Lesjöfors Group and entails that new, updated machinery is gradually being introduced in many plants. At Lesjöfors Gas Springs, a new assembly machine was installed. The machine is fully automatic and assembles components for gas springs quicker and more efficiently than in the past. A special camera reviews the quality and stops the machine if something has been assembled incorrectly.

Support for students

Lesjöfors has contributed products and know-how to student projects for many years. The company’s support also provides good exposure for its products and shows that the company is a highly qualified employer. One recurring project is Formula Student – an international competition in which teams from various institutes of technology in Europe build and drive racing cars. Lesjöfors’s sponsorship package comprises springs for the cars’ suspension, technical support and standard springs.

Outstanding delivery reliability

In Tinglev, Denmark, delivery quality is at an all-time high. This is where Lesjöfors manufactures compression springs for customers in such countries as China, the US and Mexico. Measurements taken internally and among customers show a nearly 100-percent level of delivery reliability year after year. This accuracy and excellent outcome are the result of hard work, including a continuous search for improvements.

Growth in Russia

The chassis spring operation established in Russia in 2010 has grown 20 percent per year in recent years. Lesjöfors is one of few European manufacturers with a local service and sales organization and its own distribution warehouse in Russia. Sales continued to improve in 2018 and, as a result, Lesjöfors’s market share is now estimated at over 30 percent.

Offering internships for students

In Slovakia, Lesjöfors Springs expanded its cooperation with a local engineering training program, enabling students to alternate theoretical studies at school with a week’s internship at the company. Lesjöfors Banddetaljer has a similar cooperation with an engineering upper-secondary school in Sweden. During the year, European Springs & Pressings invited students to a “work experience week”. In China, Lesjöfors has a collaborative project with a university.