The primary goal is to grow profitably. This is achieved through long-term ownership and efficient governance in the Group companies. At the same time, we conduct responsible business through a sustainability agenda that contributes to a better world, creates business opportunities, reduces costs and minimizes risks.

Value creation. The Group companies all provide products and services that generate added value or offer greater substance for our customers – something for which they are also prepared to pay. By offering this type of value, we can charge more for the products and services we deliver, thereby boosting the Group’s profitability.


To achieve profitable growth, we focus on four strategic areas:


High customer value.
Many of the Group companies’ products and services are adapted to meet specific customer needs. This increases customer value and supports a positive trend in terms of profitability.


International market coverage.
Expanding and creating growth with customized niche products requires broad international sales.


Strong market positions.
Quality products, customization and service create strong market positions, enabling the Group companies to compete on the basis of other forms of added value rather than price.


Broad customer and supplier bases.
This breadth provides scope for action and reduces risk exposure and the Group’s dependency on individual markets, industries or companies.

We grow in two ways – by acquiring new companies and through organic growth in existing operations. Acquisitions strengthen the Group in selected markets or within specific technology and product areas, but can also add entirely new operations to Beijer Alma. At the same time, we grow organically through investments in production and market development in existing companies.

Driving forces for profitable growth

The combination of organic growth and acquisitions leads to profitable growth. Read more about how we are developing our various operations.