Beijer Tech AB

Beijer Tech comprises a group of companies specializing in value-added sales, manufacturing and automation. With a focus on the areas of fluid technology and industrial products, its broad product and service range strengthens its customers’ competitiveness. Through technical expertise and customization, the companies deliver cost-saving solutions that, for example, accelerate product flows and generate efficiency enhancements, environmental improvements and energy savings. Acquisitions are important for growth and mean that Beijer Tech has also established itself in new, expansive niche industries such as building automation and satellite communication.

Beijer Tech in brief

Operations: Beijer Tech operates primarily in the Nordics with a focus on specialized manufacturing, value-creating sales and automation, within profitable niches. The group has 18 locations in the Nordics and is a market leader in several areas.

Business areas: Industrial Products and Fluid Technology.

Offering/range: products from leading manufacturers, mainly technical components, consumables and machines (Industry), as well as niche companies in laminated glass for the automotive industry, satellite communication, scales for the waste industry, property automation, etc. (Industry). Hose, hose accessories and hydraulics and rubber cloth, seals and other industrial rubber (Flödesteknik).

Customers/markets: industrial companies in surface treatment, foundries, steel and smelters and offshore (Industry). Industrial customers, major manufacturers (OEM), municipalities, real estate companies, treatment plants and specialized dealers (Flödesteknik).

Competitive advantages: cutting-edge expertise in how products and services can improve the customer’s productivity. Increased share of customized products. The company’s complete range in fluid technology is also a strength.

Revenues: MSEK 1 790

Number of employees: 495

President: Staffan Johansson

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Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech

Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech:

Strong profitability development

Strong profitability development in the core business, but also profitable growth through the company acquisitions made in new industries. This is how CEO Staffan Johansson summarizes the development in Beijer Tech.

What has characterized 2022?

Beijer Tech had a fantastic year. We increased both sales and profit in all operations. The fact that it is precisely the whole business that has lifted feels extra good. Demand has been strong and this indicates that we have not been directly affected by the poorer economy that was talked about during the year. We benefit from the fact that Beijer Tech has a broad customer base, which makes us resilient even when times get worse.

You make acquisitions in niche technologies – what is the requirements?

We have a clear plan regarding new acquisitions. And the fact that we are consistent is, I believe, one of the reasons why the acquisitions in recent years have been so good. We look for companies  here the owners have the right attitude and the business structure suits us, for example in the form of a diversified customer and supplier base. As I now see it, it is a matter of sticking to the strategy we have laid down and continuing the set path.

Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech

Beijer Tech’s business areas

Industrial Products

The company’s industrial products are available throughout the Nordic region. The largest market is Sweden, which accounts for 60 percent of sales. The business area includes: Karlebo (foundry machines, die casting), Beijers (foundry supplies, refractory and grinding), Tebeco (blasting, grinding, deburring) and PMU (industrial service, automation). Other businesses include Encitech (electronic components), Norwegian Norspray (surface treatment), Danish Preben Z (surface treatment) and Finnish Beijer (foundries). Within niche companies, you can find, among others, Swedish Microwave (satellite industry), Finn Lamex (laminated windshields) and Botek (scales for garbage trucks, etc.).

Fluid Technology

The dominant operation is Lundgrens, which is present throughout Sweden. A major competitive advantage is the range of fluid technology products and industrial rubber, which comprises 35,000 items. Lundgrens also offers customized and proprietary components. Other operations with proprietary production are Svebab, which manufactures fire and industrial hoses, and Packningar & Plast, which specializes in customized gaskets, seals and plastic components.