The Code of Conduct serves as a guide. It applies to Beijer Alma employees, managers and Board members, regardless of where they are in the world. We expect our suppliers and other business partners to familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct.

Henrik Perbeck,  President and CEO

Responsibility for people and the environment

Henrik Perbeck,  President and CEO

In order to grow, our group must act responsibly. This entails that we accept responsibility for people and the environment. We do this by maintaining sound business ethics with a distinct social commitment and through efficient use of resources with reduced climate impact. At the same time, our employees must feel that our workplaces are safe, provide equality and are conducive to personal growth. We must also establish a relationship of trust with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a guide in this regard. The Code is linked to such initiatives as the UN Global Compact, which means that we follow its Ten Principles related to the environment and CSR. We also have a whistleblower function. It is to be used by employees if they discover any improprieties that they find difficult to handle within their own organization.

The requirement to take responsibility is clear. The Code of Conduct helps us to take this responsibility, both as individuals and as an organization. The Code supports our everyday work, providing clearly defined sustainability goals and result-oriented initiatives to show what is to be achieved. Our corporate culture also serves as a support. At Beijer Alma, the culture is clear and characterized by openness, tolerance and access to information, thereby becoming another driving force in our sustainability agenda.

Henrik Perbeck, President and CEO

The Code of Conduct focuses on three areas: people and society, the environment and ethics. It describes the Group’s approach to business ethics, climate impact, quality issues, product responsibility and much more. While the Code itself serves as a guide, we are only able to truly clarify our aims and make a difference when it is applied by all employees in our daily operations.

The CSR brochure describes the Code of Conduct and can be downloaded in several different languages:

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