Johan Wall

Chairman of the Board since 2016
Director: 2000–2016
Deputy Director: 1997–2000
Holding: 14 100
Education: Master of Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.
Chairman of: Beijer Holding AB, Domarbo Skog AB and Svenskt Tenn AB.
Director of: Sweco AB, Skirner AB, Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation, the Anders Wall Foundation, the Swedish Association of Listed Companies and others.
Earlier positions: President of Beijerinvest AB, President of Bisnode AB, President of Enea AB, President of Framfab AB and President of Netsolutions AB.
Board committees: Chairman of Remuneration Committee. Member of Audit Committee.

Dependent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Johnny Alvarsson

Director since: 2017
Holding: 5 800
Education: Master of Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University, management training at CEDEP in France.
Chairman of: VBG AB, FM Mattson Mora Group.
Director of: Rotundagruppen, Conveniunt AB, Instalco AB and Sdiptech AB.
Earlier positions: Management positions at LM Ericsson, CEO of Zetterbergs Industri AB/Zeteco AB publ, CEO of Elektronikgruppen AB publ and CEO of Indutrade AB publ.
Board committees: Member of Remuneration Committee.

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Carina Andersson

Director since: 2011
Holding: 4 000
Education: Master of Materials Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
Director of: Swedish Stirling AB, Systemair AB, Gränges AB, BE Group AB and Detection Technology.
Earlier positions: GM, responsible Powder Technology at Sandvik Materials Technology AB, President of Ramnäs Bruk AB and President of Scana Ramnäs AB, director of Mälardalens Högskola and Sintercast AB
Board committees: Member of Audit Committee.

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Oskar Hellström

Director since: 2020
Holding: 5 000
Education: M Sc Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping Institute of Technology and B Sc Economics & Business Administration, Stockholm University.
Vice President and CFO of Gränges AB.
Earlier positions: CFO at Sapa Heat Transfer, various management positions within the Sapa group, consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.
Board committees: Chairman of Audit Committee.

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Hans Landin

Director since: 2019
Holding: 2 660
Education: Degree in engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.
Group vice president of The Timken Company.
Earlier positions: Different management functions at The Timken Company since 2000.

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Caroline af Ugglas

Director since: 2015
Holding: 4 000
Education: Economics degree from Stockholm University.
Director of: AMF Pension and Lifco.
Earlier positions: Head of Equities and Corporate Governance at Livförsäkringsaktiebolaget Skandia and Deputy General Director of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
Board committees: Member of Remuneration Committee.

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.
Independent in relation to the company.

Honorary Chairman

Anders Wall

Chairman of the Board

Remuneration Committee. The Board has appointed a Remuneration Committee comprising Johnny Alvarsson, Caroline af Ugglas and Johan Wall (Chairman). The Remuneration Committee prepares motions regarding the President’s salary and other employment terms. The Committee also prepares principles for remuneration to Group management and approves motions by the President regarding remuneration to Group management within the framework of the guidelines adopted by the Annual General Meeting. The company’s remuneration principles and guidelines are described in Note 2, and the Board of Directors’ recommendation to the Annual General Meeting is that these remain unchanged for 2021.

Audit Committee. The Board of Directors has appointed an Audit Committee comprising Oskar Hellström (Chairman), Carina Andersson and Johan Wall. The Group’s CFO reports to the Committee. The Audit Committee is mainly for the purpose of supervising the Group’s financial reporting and the audit of the financial statements.

Johnny Alvarsson, Caroline af Ugglas, Oskar Hellström, Carina Andersson and Johan Wall.

The tasks of the Committee include preparing for the Board’s work to quality assure the financial reporting by reviewing the interim reports, annual report and consolidated financial statements. The Committee also reviews legal and tax-related issues that may have a material impact on the financial reports. The Audit Committee also reviews the impartiality of the appointed auditors and decides which services, in addition to the audit, are to be procured from the auditors. Where appropriate, the Committee handles the procurement of audit services. Finally, the Audit Committee evaluates the quality of the internal control of financial reporting. The Committee held five meetings during the year, which were attended by all members. The Chief Auditor participated in two of these meetings.

The Annual General Meeting 2022, it was decided that the following members would be appointed to the Nomination Committee: Chairman of the Board Johan Wall, Anders G. Carlberg (representing the principal owner) and three representatives of the next largest shareholders who have indicated their willingness to participate in the Nomination Committee, namely Malin Björkmo (Handelsbanken Fonder), Hans Christian Bratterud (Odin Fonder) and Hjalmar Ek (Lannebo Fonder). Anders G. Carlberg was elected as Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee will submit motions concerning the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board, directors’ fees, the auditor, auditors’ fees and the Chairman of the 2023 Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee instruction is set out in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders who wishes to submit proposals to Beijer Alma’s Nomination Committee could do that as latest as January 10, 2023 to the following address: Beijer Alma AB, Attn: Nomination Committee, Box 1747, SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden.

Senior executives comprise the Group’s senior management, including the President, the presidents of the two sub-groups and the Parent Company’s Chief Financial Officer.

All of these individuals have a total remuneration package consisting of a fixed basic salary, a variable salary, a defined-contribution pension and other benefits (mainly company car benefits). The total remuneration package is to reflect market conditions. The variable salary for senior executives who are employed by the Parent Company is based on the Group’s profitability and growth and, for senior executives employed by a subsidiary, on the subsidiary’s profitability. Variable remuneration is always maximized at 80 percent of basic salary.

The Remuneration Committee has evaluated the model for determining variable remuneration and has found that the outcomes are in line with the Group’s strategy for value creation and that the total remuneration package for senior executives is competitive.
The Board’s proposal was included in the notice for approval by the 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting resolved to adopt the Board’s proposal.

Currently, there are no outstanding share or share-related incentive programs. Read more about: guidelines for remuneration of senior management