Beijer Alma is a listed industrial group. The Group owns and develops industrial companies that have the potential to grow profitability in international markets. Our three subsidiaries specialize in component manufacturing and industrial trading. Together they conduct sales in 60 markets.


Activity: the Group companies work with industrial customers, for whom products and services are adapted to meet specific needs. This gives the products a higher level of customer value and is a major contributor to the Group’s profitable growth.

Subsidiary: Lesjöfors (development/manufacturing of springs, wire and flat strip components), Habia Cable (development/manufacturing of custom-designed cables) and Beijer Tech (industrial trading and manufacturing).

Market: customers in the automotive, engineering, infrastructure, telecom, energy, defense and offshore sectors. The most important geographic markets are Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, Asia and North America.

The share is listed on


Stockholm Mid Cap-List. More about the share

4,250 In 2020, net revenues were MSEK 4,250.

77% 77 percent of sales are conducted outside the domestic Swedish market.

2,500 The group has 2,500 employees.

President and CEO: Henrik Perbeck

Beijer Alma’s international operations

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