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2024-05-14 | News

Recipients of Beijer Alma ́s Anders Wall scholarship 2023

The Beijer Alma’s Anders Wall scholarships are awarded to committed employees who have contributed to improvements within the Group.

Ronny Karlsson, Head of System Development at Botek Systems AB in Ulricehamn

A new leader with a strong combined ability of driving development and customer relations on a global level. Ronny started his career at Botek 2016. His first position was as software developer, Ronny impressed directly with solid technical skills in combination with unique customer understanding, toppled with high work capacity. Ronny was promoted 2023 to Head of system development. Ronny has since then accelerated the technical development within Botek, which reached a critical milestone during 2023 when the next generation of waste management software was launched. The software was during the year successfully implemented to several high-profile contracts in the Nordics and North America. As a leader and employee Ronny delivers customer value in global competition, regardless of tight deadlines and demanding customers. We are grateful and very pleased to have Ronny on board.

Leo Liu, Lesjöfors China, receives Beijer Alma´s Anders Wall scholarship 2024

We are delighted to announce that the recipient of Beijer Alma´s Anders Wall scholarship 2024 is Leo Liu, technical manager for springs at Lesjöfors China.

Leo Liu started his career as a stamping operator about 20 years ago. He was a fast and responsive learner and took all opportunities given for further development – especially through creative ways of communicating and learning from his European colleagues despite
shortcomings in the English language at the time.

Leo´s career spans over several fields and positions, comprising stamping operator, tool maintenance, manager for tool maintenance and tool designer to his existing role as technical manager for springs.

The business area Springs has grown dramatically in Lesjöfors China and evolved from a small share of the sales to about half of the turnover. This has enabled the merge of the Shanghai production into Lesjöfors China and has created an ultimate platform for further growth. Leo Liu has played an important role for in this achievement.

Additional to Leo’s genuine interest in technology and our products, he has developed our in-house spring calculation program that in a faster way provide production data for the calculations.

This is programmed so that parts are scalable and can be utilized throughout the entire Lesjöfors group in the future.

Today, Leo is also active in external customer communication in order to find opportunities for additional sales and growth.

Leo Liu personifies the Lesjöfors spirit with his responsive and innovative attitude, and we congratulate him to his recognition.