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Henrik Perbeck, President and CEO:
“Increase in acquisition activity partially offsets lower demand toward the end of the quarter. Despite varying demand, our earnings for the quarter were the second-best in the Group’s history.”
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So far this year, five supplementary acquisitions have been completed, three of which during the second quarter. These acquisitions contribute MSEK 350 in annual sales. The acquisitions strengthen our subsidiaries and support our strategy of pursuing profitable growth.
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The share


Beijer Alma (BEIA B) ico_clock 2019-10-18 10:30

Buy Sell Last High Low Volume
124.4 124.6 124.4 125.2 123.4 7,238

Market capitalization

MSEK 7,412

ico_clock 2019-10-17 16:00

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Press release 27 Sep 2019
Over the past several decades, Beijer Alma subsidiary Lesjöfors has grown internationally and displayed strong, profitable growth under the leadership of Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, who will be retiring after the end of the year.
News 15 Aug 2019
Increase in acquisition activity partially offsets lower demand toward the end of the quarter.
Press release 31 Jul 2019
The number of votes in Beijer Alma AB has changed as a result of the conversion of a total of 5,000 Class A shares to 5,000 Class B shares.

Examples of successful acquisitions



start lesjofors
Lesjöfors is a global manufacturer of springs, wire and flat strip components. Its range is comprehensive and includes both standard products and customized components. Lesjöfors is the largest spring company in the Nordic region and a leader in Europe. Its technical service and sales are strong competitive advantages, as are its low-cost manufacturing and worldwide delivery capacity. Read more about Lesjöfors >

Habia Cable

start habia ny
Habia Cable is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of customized cables and cable harnesses. Many of its products are used in hightech applications in harsh environments. Its cables often have unique properties and are made from high-performance materials to meet various requirements and withstand strain. Read more about Habia Cable >

Beijer Tech

start beijer tech
Beijer Tech specializes in industrial trading and manufacturing. The company sells consumables, components, machinery, service and technical solutions, which are often adapted to specific customer requirements. Beijer Tech represents world-leading manufacturers and has a local presence in 15 locations in the Nordic region. Sweden is the largest market and accounts for about 70 percent of sales. Read more about Beijer Tech >